Weekly Scoop 5.2.22

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Notes from Jess & Dave • Programming Focus • Upcoming Events •  Birthdays 

The Month of Murph!

In Honor of Michael Murphy


You’ll notice that we had pull-ups and long runs programmed into the workouts this week. That’s intentional. The programming this month should help all of you get prepared for Murph – our favorite annual Hero workout – that includes pull ups, push ups, air squats, and running. 

For those who are new to CrossFit or just new to Murph, here is what you should know: every Memorial Day CrossFit gyms around the country all complete the Hero workout named ‘Murph’ after Michael Murphy. Michael Murphy was a United States Navy SEAL officer who was awarded the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions during the War in Afghanistan. The movie Lone Survivor portrayed Murphy and his comrades during Operation Red Wing in 2005.  Lauren also likes to remind us that Mike Murphy went to her alma mater, Penn State.

We have a whole month to go before Murph, so we will be getting you ready by catering some of our programming accordingly.

In other news, we’re doing another member raffle for May. Members can post Google or Yelp reviews, take a screen shot and show a coach to get a raffle ticket. Winner is drawn on Memorial Day (after our Murph workout) and wins a free month of unlimited Recovery Zone. More details in the Events & Announcement section below.

Yours in the Murph prep, 

Dave & Jess

Programming Focus 🏋️‍♀️

As we transition into May we start off with our new strength cycle: the Wendler 5-3-1! We will be working up to a heavy 1-Rep Deadlift, Back Squat, and Bench Press.

SoLa May/June Strength Cycle

Week 1 (5/2-5/8): Heavy 1-Rep Tests (Use 90% as Training Max)
Week 2 (5/9-5/15): 1×5 @65% – 75% – 85%
Week 3 (5/16-5/22): 1×3 @70% – 80% – 90%
Week 4 (5/23-5/29): 1×5 @75% – 1×3 @85% – 1×1+ @95%
Week 5 (5/30-6/5): 1×5 @65% – 75% – 85% (Increase Training Max)
Week 6 (6/6-6/12): 1×3 @70% – 80% – 90% (Add 5-10lbs)
Week 7 (6/13-6/19): 1×5 @75% – 1×3 @85% – 1×1+ @95%
Week 8 (6/20-6/26): 1×5 @40% – 1×5 @50% – 1×5 @60%
Week 9 (6/27-7/3): Heavy 1-Rep Retests

SoLa Weekly May Commitments

✅ Test 1-Rep Heavy Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Bench Press
✅ (2) Ab Finishers Weekly
✅ (2) Days of “Extra Credit” Murph Prep
✅ (1) New or Classic Named Workout
✅(1) Optional Partner Workout Weekly

SoLa May Benchmarks

✅ 1-Rep Heavy Back Squat/ Deadlift / Bench Press
✅ California Love & California Dreamin
✅ Punch Out

Events & Announcements 🎉

🎟️ May “Review Raffle”: This is your opportunity to win a free month of Recovery Zone + a little bag full of SoLa swag to go with it. How does it work? Members write a review for SoLa CrossFit on Google or Yelp, take a screenshot of your review, show any of your CrossFit coaches. Coaches will give you raffle tickets and the winner will be pulled on May 31 after our Murph workout. 

  • Earn 2 raffle tickets: 1 for a Google review and 1 for Yelp
  • Earn 10 tickets for every IG post about SoLa CrossFit and why you love it! Note: We’re only counting posts and not a IG Stories.

🤠 Level Up Changes! Gina has taken on so many new clients with her life coaching business that she has to step away from coaching Level Up in the evenings. She will still be around the gym working on several other projects for us! Robert Montoya will be stepping up as evening coach of Level Up on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Chris Tennes will be taking over Wednesdays. We are so excited to get some new faces involved in Level Up and grateful that these two were able to take Gina’s spot. 

🗳️ Open Gym on Sundays! Y’all cast your votes and we hear ya. Starting next Sunday, May 8, we will be offering Open Gym hours from 9AM – 1PM. Enjoy! 

💦 (Saturday, 5/7) Recovery Sweat & Chill: Join Mike Gregory for a guided recovery class every Saturday at 12 PM. After starting with a guided breathing exercise, you will rotate through the sauna and cold plunge. Contrast therapy alternates temperatures between hot and cold (sauna/cold plunge) to treat various conditions while helping maintain performance. Try it for yourself!

🍻 (Sunday, 5/15, 1:00 PM) May SoLa Social: Join us at Bouldin Acres for a SoLa hangout. Bring friends, family, pups – whomever! We’ll be gathering for a little non-workout time together. 

🇺🇸 (Monday, 5/31, 10:00 AM) Murph Hero Workout: Save an hour or so on Memorial Day to come work out with us! 

❣️ (June 1 – June 30) Women Only: Summer Shred Series! Join Coach Gina for another women’s only series at SoLa. During this 5-week bootcamp, our 15 ladies who sign up will receive two women’s only HIIT classes per week (Wednesday & Friday 7:30am – 8:30am),  personalized macro prescription & nutrition guidance, weekly accountability check-ins, before & after InBody scans, and personalized goal setting — everything you need to succeed. Get more information and sign up on this website.

May Birthdays 🎂

Jacob Schramm (5/2)

Hansen Anderson (5/3)

Ian Dai (5/3) 

Pete Malvasi (5/7)

Max Atherton (5/7)

Carley Boyle (5/8)

Roger Trinh (5/9)

Silvia Oxom (5/12)

Meg MacDougal (5/15)

Dylan Cowley (5/19)

Jamie Rose (5/19)

Eric Mentele (5/19)

Hani Talebi (5/20)

Matt Parson (5/21)

Riley Boyle (5/22)

Amanda Gannon (5/22)

Jackson Bonnett (5/24)

Shelley Flanary (5/25)

Bryce Swihart (5/26)

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