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Dave Appel - OWNER

Dave Appel is the Founder and Head Coach of SoLa CrossFit. After receiving a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a short stint as a physical education teacher, Dave followed his passion and worked in fitness for over 20 years. At the helm of SoLa CrossFit since day one, Dave has been on a mission to create the most exceptional CrossFit in Austin. Delivering outstanding, form specific coaching in a friendly and inclusive environment. Austin Fit Magazine has voted Dave one of Austin’s Best CrossFit Coaches twice and one of Austin’s 10 Fittest.

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OUR coaches

Adrien Evans

Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Adrien has been doing CrossFit for over 6 years and coaching for almost 3.

Her favorite thing about coaching is watching athletes learn and grow over time. Seeing them figure out new movements and gain confidence in their Crossfit skills is so rewarding for me.

Her favorite things to coach are snatches and competition strategy.

If Adrien is not inside the gym If I’m not in the gym, you can find her either photographing a wedding or outside on a paddle board exploring new lakes and rivers.

Jenna Alchevsky

Online Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Jenna has been doing CrossFit for over 3 years and coaching for just over 1.

Her favorite thing about coaching is seeing people have the “lightbulb moments”. I love watching athletes as they’ve been working on something and it finally clicks. We all get so excited.

An ex-collegiate rower, Jenna’s favorite thing to coach is rowing!

When she’s not in the gym you can find Jenna outside in/on the water, with friends at a coffee shop or drinking wine, hiking, watching sports (namely NY Giants football), and learning new recipes on the grill

Aly Hagglund

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Aly has been doing CrossFit for 7 years and just recently started coaching. A life long gymnast, Aly leads the Specialty Gymnastics Courses at SoLa and jumps in to coach Saturday classes.

Her favorite thing about coaching is the community! You can’t beat a CrossFit community especially SoLa’s. Of course, she loves gymnastics so having the opportunity to be part of the journey as someone kicks up into their first handstand or gets their first muscle up is what keeps her excited.

Aly’s favorite thing to coach is anything gymnastics but handstands are up there as #1!

When she’s not in the gym you can find Aly enjoying that Texas sun and getting on the water. Whether it’s paddle boarding, Barton Springs, or a pool day with friends! She also loves reading (she’s one of the founders of the SoLa Book Club), listening to podcasts, or checking out one of the many Austin coffee shops.

Rudy Rodriguez

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
Certified CrossFit Running Coach

Rudy has been doing CrossFit for 5 years and coaching for 3.

His favorite thing about coaching is watching people improve everyday. It’s thrilling watching athletes learning new movements, perfecting form and the excitement when accomplishing PR’s!

Rudy’s favorite thing to coach is Clean & Jerks.

When he’s not in the gym Rudy loves to use his fitness outside of the gym. An avid runner he loves to hit the road/trails and usually brings his favorite running partner. His dog Brooks. He also loves to play golf, mountain bike, and ski. To relax he checks out Austin’s many breweries.

Tyler Garrett

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Tyler has been doing CrossFit for 2 years and coaching for 1.

Her favorite thing about coaching is having the ability to continually help others push their fitness thresholds and achieve personal goals.

Tyler loves to coach Olympic lifts, helping SoLa athletes dial in all the technical details and get the most out of their lifts.

When she’s not in the gym you can find Tyler outside. Long walks, time by the water, or playing yard games. Just put her outdoors and she’s happy!

Robert Montoya

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Robert has been doing CrossFit for 3 years and functional fitness for over 4. He has been coaching for over a year.

His favorite thing about coaching is seeing athletes find more of their true potential, especially when they get that “Ah-ha!” moment and a new skill or technique clicks.

His favorite movement to coach is probably the back squat but the Olympic lifts are also really fun.

When not in the gym Robert is an avid reader and has actually collected every printed piece by Kurt Vonnegut.

Dave Appel

Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Voted one of the Best CrossFit Coaches in Austin twice, Dave Appel has a lifetime of experience in fitness. He holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois and has been coaching CrossFit for over 10 years.

He is passionate about creating a space where everyone can feel comfortable pushing themselves towards their personal fitness goals.

His favorite movement to train is the Thruster and his favorite workout is Fran.

Dave is an incredibly technical coach, who is skilled at both welcoming beginners and fine tuning top end athlete performance.

When he’s not in the gym you can find Dave entertaining his three kids or researching biohacks and longevity technologies.

Jess Appel

Director Of Operations
Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Jess has been involved in fitness her whole life. A collegiate basketball player, she began personal training over 20 years ago. She has dabbled in CrossFit off and on for over 9 years, mixing it in with Ironman Triathlon, Marathons and Cycling.

Jess loves coaching beginner athletes and athletes recovering from injury. Her favorite thing is helping women to discover and embrace their strength.

She took over Operations at SoLa about 5 years ago and manages all things logistics!

When she’s not in the gym you can find Jess hanging with her three kiddos!

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