Weekly Scoop 4.10.22

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Notes from Jess & Dave • Programming Focus • Upcoming Events • Athlete of the Month • Birthdays 

Have you been curious about the benefits of the SoLa Recovery Zone? Mike Gregory is hosting Saturday Sweat & Chill sessions. Details below!

New Positions Open 💁‍♀️


Jess has been working tirelessly on the back-end transition from Triib to Wodify and we have run into a few snags along the way. We apologize if any of you have run into error messages, hiccups, or frustrations this past week as we started the move to what we know will be a far superior platform. 

The new date for the completed Wodify transition will be Monday, 4/18/22. At that point, all members will be able to pull up programming, schedule their classes, and track their progress in the new Wodify app.   

We are also looking to add more members to our team and would like to spread the word through our community. First, we’re looking to add to our coaching team. If you know of anyone with CrossFit certifications and experience, please contact Jess or myself. Second, we are looking to hire a new after-hours cleaning person 4 evenings per week (after 7:30pm). Our current cleaning buddy, Jackson Bonnett, is going to college!  

We are always looking to add talented, motivated, and inclusive members to our staff. Please connect us to your network if you know of someone who would be a good fit. 

Yours in the progress, 

Dave & Jess

Programming Focus 🏋️‍♀️

You’re about to walk into de-load week before we end our March/April Olympic Lifting Cycle! Get ready to re-test your heavy 1-reps the following week (4/18). 

Olympic Lifting Cycle (March & April)

WEEK 7 (4/11)

WEEK 8 (4/18)
Heavy 1-Rep Snatch
Heavy 1-Rep Clean and Jerk  

Weekly April Commitments

✅ Olympic Weightlifting Cycle
✅ 2+ Weightlifting days
✅ 1 New or Classic Named Workout 
✅ Partner Workout
April Benchmarks
✅ D.T.
✅ Cloudkicker
✅ Ava (4/21)
✅ Heavy 1-Rep Clean and Jerk + Snatch

Events & Announcements 🎉

💦 (4/16) Recovery Sweat & Chill: Join Mike Gregory for a guided recovery class every Saturday at 12 PM starting next Saturday, 4/16. After starting with a guided breathing exercise, you will rotate through the sauna and cold plunge. Contrast therapy alternates temperatures between hot and cold (sauna/cold plunge) to treat various conditions while helping maintain performance. Try it for yourself!

🤸 April Challenge: April showers bring may flowers, but what do April handstands bring? Your April daily challenge will be centered around handstand work, so get ready for your world to turn upside down. 

🏃 (5/1) Austin Sunshine Run: Yup, we’re already planning for May events! Mark this one down.The H-E-B Austin Sunshine Run is a non-profit, pet-friendly event. 100% of every dollar made from registrations benefits directly the Austin Sunshine Camps. Register here

🍻 (5/14) May SoLa Social: Save the date for another weekend hang with your SoLa fam. 

Athlete of the Month

Jacob Schramm has been working hard since joining SoLa last October and the coaches have noticed! Since joining Jacob has taken advantage of all the SoLa offerings, including Level Up, CrossFit, and nutrition coaching. 

What do you remember about your first class at Sola Fitness? 
The plants! Also, the way the gym glows at sunset. Chris was coaching the 5:30 PM, which was a great experience. Afterward he recommended that I give the other boxes in the city a try before I commit to one, and that statement made me realize that I didn’t need to look any further.

What keeps you motivated to show up again and again?
For me, my consistency is empowering. My motivation also stems from the fact that going to the gym keeps my head clear and energy high.

What is the “personal best” you’re most proud of during your time with us at Sola Fitness?
I have ALWAYS struggled with burpees and tended to avoid them really. Going to Level Up twice a week which usually includes a lot of burpees (shout-out to Gina 😭) has really challenged me to push myself. The amount of progress I’ve made there is really exciting and quite the payoff!

What do you enjoy most about the Sola facility and community?
The coaches and the community! I have never felt so much like coaches care like they do at SoLa! I also love getting together with the community outside of the gym at the volleyball courts to get some sun and just hangout.

What advice would you give to new members joining Sola Fitness? 
We all start somewhere. Don’t be afraid of feeling behind or out of place in your fitness journey because at one point or another, we all felt the same way. 

What is the next fitness goal you’re trying to achieve? 
My goal at the moment is to hit 11% body fat! I need to be light on my feet for beach volleyball season! 

April Birthdays 🎂

Adee Cazayoux (4/2)

Jess Appel (4/3)

Heather Reuter (4/4)

Pablo Gonzalez Ruiz (4/4)

Sergio Durante (4/5)

William Whatley (4/5)

Naomi Orndorff (4/5)

Emily Nussman (4/7)

Christina Mehl (4/13)

Sarah Aftergood (4/14)

Betsy Kuhns (4/14) 

Nick Miller (4/17)

Prajwal Kadariya (4/19)

Pierce Comeaux (4/19)

Bill Lear (4/20)

Muhammad Nabil (4/23)

Sarah Kyle (4/24)

Andy Schraegle (4/25)

Waleed Alqadi (4/28)

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