Weekly Scoop 3.20.22

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Notes from Jess & Dave • Programming Focus • Upcoming Events • Birthdays 

Spring has sprung and that means the temps are heating up – as are the workouts. Get ready for push jerks, hand stand work, and cleans!

Spring is here! 🌱


This week we continue our Olympic lifting cycle with more cycling of push jerks, cleans, and snatches. This week we’ll be building to a heavy one rep max of each of these movements, so take a look at the programming ahead of time on Triib and plan to show up accordingly so you can have some new max numbers to work off of for the remainder of this strength cycle. 

Also, be looking for our new TikTok channel that Jess put together. The fitness world is slowly migrating in that direction! If you’re on TikTok you can add us here

Yours in the spring celebrations,

Dave & Jess

Programming Focus 🏋️‍♀️

The strength cycle for the next 8 weeks: Olympic Lifting.

Every week we will get after the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk by programming a strength session 2-3x per week with suggested loading (by feel as well as percentages). The first 4 weeks will hone in on perfecting positions of the pulls, with weight starting in the moderate-to-heavy range (roughly 70-75% of 1RM) and building week after week to a heavy single.

March/April Olympic Lifting Cycle

WEEK 4 (3/21)
Heavy 1-Rep Power Snatch
Heavy 1-Rep Power Clean

WEEK 5 (3/28)
Squat Snatch (5×2)
Clean Pull + Power Clean (5×2)
Split Jerk (5×2)

WEEK 6 (4/4)
Snatch Pull + Power Snatch (3×1, Heavy)
Squat Clean + Jerk (3×1, Heavy)
Back Squat (5×3)

WEEK 7 (4/11)

WEEK 8 (4/18)
Heavy 1-Rep Snatch
Heavy 1-Rep Clean and Jerk  

Weekly March Commitments

✅ NEW Olympic Weightlifting Cycle
✅ 2+ Weightlifting days per week
✅ 1 New or Classic Named Workout per week
✅ 1 Optional Partner Workout per week
March Benchmarks
✅ Death Row
❇️ Power Plus Amanda
❇️ Eliza-Plus
❇️ Open 22.2 // 22.3
❇️ Leading Ladies Week

Events & Announcements 🎉

⚠️ Reminder: Lost and Found is now located underneath the front desk, behind the blue curtains. Feel free to go through and see if you can find your missing items!

👕 Hoodie Pre-Orders Have Arrived! For those who pre-ordered the SoLa mural hoodie, your orders are labeled and set aside in the office for you to pick up!

☘️ March Referral Raffle: During the month of March all SoLa athletes can bring friends for a free class – Level Up or CrossFit – with no previous experience required. For every friend you bring, you’ll receive 1 raffle ticket to put in the fishbowl. For every friend who joins SoLa, you’ll receive 10 raffle tickets to put in the fishbowl. On March 31 we’ll draw to see who wins a month of unlimited classes at SoLa. 🙂 May the most motivated athlete win. 

⏰ TikTok: Jess started our very own SoLa CrossFit TikTok! Follow us here.

🤸 April Challenge: April showers bring may flowers, but what do April handstands bring? Your April daily challenge will be centered around handstand work, so get ready for your world to turn upside down. 

March Birthdays 🎂

Chris Benedict (3/1)

Sasha Jayewardene (3/2)

Thomas Echols (3/4)

Caroline Nauert (3/11)

Cameron Stepanski (3/12)

Connor Valaik (3/15)

Aideen Curran (3/19)

Jenny Morris (3/24)

James Nield (3/29)

Katherine Hubbs (3/29)

Tyler Hill (3/29)


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