SoLa Scoop – 7.1.24

HYROX Classes Start Tuesday At 9am!
Congrats to Viktoria Wang for winning The Bike Riders raffle and grabbing $250 to Evolve Cryo+Wellness! Also in the winners circle is Waleed Alqadi who won the June Member Referral raffle and snagged a free month of membership!

In case you missed it, we are officially a HYROX PARTNER GYM and our classes start TOMORROW! Sign up for the 9am on Tuesday to get a feel for this new class type!

Thanks to SoLa athlete Travis Francis we have a new SoLa Tshirt Design. Based on a vintage SoLa shirt we will be taking pre-orders through July 8th. Grab one today! $30 Head here to place your order. 

Finally, we will host one class only on Thursday July 4th at 10am. Open Gym is cancelled that day. This is a community workout, so feel free to invite friends and family!

Let’s gear up for July and get to work! 

Today we started with three sets of two fast rounds to kickstart the week. 

Tuesday will feature an ascending rep scheme of moderate-weight snatches and burpees over the bar. 

Wednesday will require a big buy-in, followed by big sets and a challenging finish on the bike.

On the 4th of July, we’ll have a special workout to share with Family & Friends!

Friday will focus on building muscle with a modified version of “JT.” 

Finally, Saturday will offer a partner workout with two options for those with limited equipment and space.

UPCOMING STRENGTH CYCLE “All the Volume” (9-Week Strength), beginning July 22nd Overview:

In the next nine weeks, we will follow a modified version of the Wendler 5-3-1 cycle to improve power in our deadlifts and back squats. After determining our “Heavy Single” in the first week, we will use 90% of that weight as our base weight for each session. Each lifting session will start with 10 reps to activate the leg muscles.

Example: Your heavy single in the back squat is 200 lbs, so you will use 180 lbs (90%) for your training-weight calculations. Therefore, all of your percentages each week will be based off of 180 lbs, not 200. We will go through this cycle twice. During the second round, athletes will add 10lbs to their 90% of their heavy single. So, if 180 lbs was your working weight (90% of heavy single), you would use 190 lbs as the base for the percentages.

For our Olympic lifting, we are introducing a classic Mayhem favorite, “Squats By Dre.” During these sessions, we will prioritize power and volume in the Power Snatch and Power Clean and Jerk, having athletes work through moderate-heavy sets. To start, athletes should use the 6×6 (weeks 1 and 2) to establish an easy and consistent starting weight through single repetitions, NO touch-and-go!! We will incrementally increase the barbell weight by 5-10 lbs (total) for each Olympic session. Athletes should only add weight if they consistently demonstrate proficient movement across sets. As the sets progress, the number of repetitions will decrease, and athletes should also consider the reduced time available to complete each set.

Athletes who miss a week can take 5% off their lifts to stay comfortable and work with the class. If they miss finding their heavy single in a lift, they should do that before continuing with the progression in the following weeks, subtracting 5% as mentioned.


We’re entering the final two weeksof this cycle, which had a goal of gaining strength and power in our front squats and shoulder press, along with Olympic Lifting once a week rotating back and forth between Squat Snatch and Power Clean. One will be programmed as the strength, while the other is implemented into one of the workouts for the week.

FINAL 2 Week Layout:
Wk7 (July 1st Deload)
Day 1: 5×5 Front Squat (65%) (Super Set 1 Standing Broad Jumps after each set)
Day 2: 5×5 Shoulder Press (65%), 5 Negative Pull Ups after each set
Day 3: Heavy Single Power Clean
Day 4: July 4th Community WOD

Wk8 (July 8th)
Day 1: Heavy Single Front Squat
Day 2: Heavy Single Snatch
Day 4: Heavy Single Shoulder Press
Events & Announcements 


SOLA IS NOW A HYROX PARTNER GYM | Starting the week of July 1st, T/TH 9am class will be a HYROX class. Excluding the July 4th Community Workout.

SOLA SHIRT PREORDER | Make a pre-order for the NEW SOLA SHIRT

JULY 4th SCHEDULE | There will be ONE CLASS on July 4th at 10am. All other days that week will be normal schedule.

BOOK CLUB | July 14th | 6:00PM | Join the SoLa Book Club to discuss this month’s pick Double Whammy by Carl


SoLa Blog 
We’ve started to make blog posts again and we’d love for you to check them out! Head to our BLOG NOW!

RSVP Required Friendly reminder to all athletes that RSVP for class is required. This simply act, done in the Wodify App, allows your Coach to be prepared for class and deliver the best service possible. It also saves your spot and prevents over crowding in classes! Thanks so much for being diligent about this!

Cancellation & Hold Policy Friendly reminder that we have a 30 day notice policy for all cancellations and holds! Plan ahead to make sure you can make membership adjustments as needed!

Mobility Corner🧘

High Hamstring Pain Is A Pain In The Butt!
With Kelly Starrett

Dealing with high hamstring pain? 
Try this: 
1️⃣ Position a roller on a coffee table or similar and sit on it 
2️⃣ Pretend you’re putting out cigarettes with your butt – smear, smash, smoosh the roller 
3️⃣ Work the area for 5 minutes / side You can play around with getting up towards the pelvic floor/adductor region on the other side of the ischial tuberosity (aka sit bones) and see how that feels.

 Working this into your mobility routine will go a long way in addressing and preventing high hamstring pain. Try it and let us know how it goes.

If you’re looking for more post-workout and recovery mobilization, scroll to the end of the programming at the end of each day in Wodify.

*As always, this is not meant as a medical diagnosis or advice. If you are experiencing pain with this or any exercise, you should stop and see a medical professional like a physical therapist or physician.

July Birthdays 🎉
Eva Heddergott 07-01
Mason Hargreaves 07-01
Dhananjay Jagtap 07-01
Chris Hoz 07-04
Alison Klein 07-05
Chris Hewitt 07-06
Lincoln Edwards 07-08
Bibek Ghimire 07-09
Michael Sommerdorf 07-10
Yvonne Chok 07-12
Jordan Bridgers 07-12
Luke Whiteman 07-13
Matthew O’Connor 07-16
Jonathan Marshall 07-17
Ryan Van Meter 07-18
Alexis Landis 07-19
Walter Moreau 07-20
Alec Palmer 07-21
Jane Talebi 07-23
Ryan Howard 07-24
Carl Schroeder 07-26
T.J. Randolph 07-26
Morgan Robins 07-27
Danny Camara 07-27
Tessa Abokhair 07-28
Layla Bartroff 07-30
Tyler Moragne 07-31


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