November Athlete Of The Month

Aly Hagglund

Athlete Of The Month

Congrats to SoLa CrossFit November Athlete of The Month Aly Hagglund

Getting Started

Aly has been doing CrossFit for 5-6 years and a member of SoLa CrossFit for a year and a half. Before her first class she met with Jess Appel (one of the owners) and she asked her what was most important to her about a CrossFit gym. She quickly said, “The community!” Jess didn’t hesitate to say SoLa has got a great community, our people are the best.

Aly walked out excited but realistic. After all, Jess is an owner and probably wouldn’t tell anyone differently. Well, Jess’s comment has been proven true everyday. From day one, Debra Smith (OG of 7:30) walked up to her and started introducing her to everyone in the class. Aly has made so many great friendships through SoLa by sweating through countless workouts together!

Motivation & Accomplishments

It is obvious that the community is the most valuable part about SoLa for Aly! Besides the community, striving to continually improve her skills keeps Aly motivated and her greatest accomplishment at SoLa so far has been her gained strength. She’s always had an edge of the skill side (years of gymnastics!), but she’s gotten significantly stronger since joining SoLa. She is proud when she’s able to do Rx/Performance weights when two years ago it would have never been an option.

Outside of CrossFit

Outside of SoLa, Aly loves taking advantage of living in Austin and listening to live music or paddle boarding. Otherwise, you’ll find her at home reading a book!

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