CrossFit WOD, June 21, 2024

CrossFit – Fri, Jun 21

Warm Up

1. Movement Prep/Activation
8 min AMRAP
50m Jog
5 Up-Downs
5 Downward Dog to Upward Dog

2. Strength
3 Shoulder Press x 6 sets (80-85%)
-Complete a set every 2:00-

3. Workout Prep
1 set:
50m Run (with weight)
3 Burpees

Muscle-up Skill Work (Checkmark)

We have Muscle-ups in a workout next week. Take this time to practice the level that’s appropriate for you.

  • Level 1: Rotate rounds – Tricep Dips between two boxes/benches alternating with Ring Rows
  • Level 2: Box Ring Muscle-ups or Jumping Bar Muscle Ups
  • Level 3: Bar Muscle Ups
  • Level 4: Ring Muscle Ups

After a skill review, perform EMOM6: 3-8 reps at your level above. Aim to pick a number that’s maintainable through all rounds.

“Red Wings” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Freedom (RX’d)
19:00 AMRAP
Run 400 meters with a sandbag (or odd object)
19 Burpees
* There is no set weight for the carry. Something in the 25-45 pound range is recommended. Use a sandbag, wall ball, dball, plate, or any odd object.

This workout was written in honor of the 11 Navy Seals and 8 US Army Soldiers from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment who lost their lives in Operation Red Wings in 2005. The goal of the mission was to disrupt Taliban activity in the area. Nineteen men lost their lives during the 3 week operation, including Navy SEAL, LT Michael P. Murphy.

The workout is promoted by Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB), who strives to help guide veterans on building a healthier lifestyle because a strong focus on mental and physical health is critical to ensuring veterans’ best days are ahead. For more info or to make a donation, please visit

No Change to Workout

19:00 AMRAP
Run 300 meters with a sandbag (or odd object).
19 Up Downs

  • Target number of Rounds and Reps: No Target, Just Move!
  • Minimum number of Rounds before scaling: No Minimum, Have Fun!


3-5 minutes of easy cardio (this can be walk, a slow row, machine ride, walk, etc.)

20 Shoo the Cat
1 Min Calf and Big Toe Stretch
2x :30 Foam Roller Hip Internal Rotations


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