CrossFit WOD, June 14, 2024

CrossFit – Fri, Jun 14

Warm Up

1. Movement Prep/Activation
Burgener Warm Up (10-15 mins) (Snatch) + Skill Transfer (if time allows)
* 10 minutes with a PVC or Empty Barbell
* Perform 3-5 reps at each movement
3x High Hang Snatch + 3x Hang Snatch + 3x Snatch (PVC or Empty Barbell)
* 5 minutes, 2-3 times through
* Focus on footwork and finishing the pull

2. Strength
Every 3:00 (5 sets)
5 Hang Squat Snatch (Build up to 65% of 1RM Snatch)

3. Workout Prep
2 sets:
10 Double Unders (each)
5 Wall Balls

Hang Squat Snatch (Weight)

Every 3:00 (5 sets)
5 Hang Squat Snatch (Build up to 65% of 1RM Snatch)

Dallas Mavericks (Time)

Freedom (RX’d)
100 Double Unders
100 Wall Balls (20/14)
100 Double Unders

75 Double Unders
75 Wall Balls (20/14)
75 Double Unders

100 Single Unders
50 Wall Ball thrusters (light)
100 Single Unders

  • Target time: sub 9 minutes
  • Time cap: 12 minutes


3-5 minutes of easy cardio (this can be walk, a slow row, machine ride, walk, etc.)

1 Min Posterior Shoulder Smash
20 Shoo the Cat
1 Min Foot Smash


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